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Antipasto Platter

An assortment of cold cut meats and cheeses with variety of condiments

Cheese & Cracker Platter

Served with dried fruit and nuts

Lunch Platter – Assorted Sandwiches

Or tell us exactly what you would or wouldn’t like. Sandwiches can be plattered individually, wrapped or be as part of a boxed lunch.

Breakfast Platter

We provide a variety of breakfast items as you see in this picture including bagels, muffins, danish, croissants, strawberry and cheese or chocolate filled croissants, coffee cakes and raisin scones, as well as some other items.  Our muffins and croissants are baked on-site every morning, and our bagels and danish are delivered fresh every day. We never serve day-old bagels, for example, so you know that what you get is as fresh as there is.

Mini Breakfast Platter

Our petite breakfast platter is made up of most of the delicious breakfast items found in our standard breakfast platter, but in bite size. This elegant option provides ease of handling and a wide sampling for everyone.

Lite-bite Tea Sandwiches

Our lite-bite tea sandwiches are perfect for that mid-morning or late-afternoon meeting as a snack. These finger sandwiches are made with a wide assortment of meats, cheeses and vegetables on an equally diverse assortment of breads, dressed with our house-made specialty spreads. We typically include more vegetarian selections than we would for lunch-sandwich platters. Give these a try next time you want something special that looks classy and elegant.

Be your own Maestro

Our make-it-yourself sandwich platters are made up of a wide assortment of deli meats with a salad in the middle (chicken, tuna, or egg salads) along with tomatoes, roasted red peppers and different kinds of cheese. An assortment of breads and rolls comes on a separate platter, as well as a separate platter of lettuce (to keep the fresh lettuce from getting everything else wet). We also provide mayo and mustard on the side. Just let us know how you want it, and we will make it fit to your needs!

Party Wedges

For your next special event, consider our party wedge. It comes by the foot with a two-foot minimum. We stack various meats, cheeses and lots of other goodies into it, so you know every slice will be a feast! The bread is made fresh for us by a local baker. Let us know if you have special requests and we will tailor the construction to your desires. We do need a day notice on this one, so give us a call and we’ll make it just for you!

Sandwich Platter

Our assorted sandwich platters are made up of a wide assortment of deli meats and salads (chicken, tuna, seafood, and egg salads) on an equally diverse assortment of breads and rolls.  We can also provide vegetarian selections to ensure everyone’s dietary needs are met. The sandwiches are best when they come dressed (because you get a better variety of spreads), but we can also leave them dry and provide mayo and mustard on the side, if you prefer.  Just let us know if you have special needs, and we will tailor the platter to your specific desires.

Wrap Sandwiches

Our sandwich wrap platter is a popular alternative to the standard assorted sandwich platter. This colorful platter is made with soft and doughy flour tortilla wraps stuffed with a variety of cold cuts, veggies, salads and specialty dressings. Request a combination of wraps and traditional sandwiches on your platter!

Christmas Wreath

This festive wreath is sure to delight everyone at your next Christmas party or holiday-time meeting!  $24.00 per foot, serves 4-5 and is filled with an assortment of meats, cheeses and toppings. Each slice is a good sized sandwich and should fill the heartiest of appetites. As always, we can tailor the filling inside to your needs, so just let us know if you want something specific. It’s just another reason why The Sandwich Maestro is the place to call when you need something special!

Sliced Fruit Platter

Our sliced fruit platter is an elegant alternative to our fruit bowl. This presentation works best for groups of ten or more. Fruit selections are seasonal, and we only select the ripest and freshest fruit available.

Petite Bites

Or try our petite items for ease of handling and a good assortment for sampling. 20 piece minimum. We suggest 4 to 8 pieces per person depending on additional items.

Atlantic Smoked Salmon Platter


Price per person

Sliced Breakfast Ham Platter

Price per person

Whole Quiche


Serves 8 people. 24 hours advance notice required.

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad – Platter


Price per lb.

Petite Quiche


Made to order (20 minimum) Advance notice required

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad – Bowl


Price per lb.

An Assortment of Baked Goods

fresh Bagels, Croissants, Gourmet Breakfast Breads & Rolls, Danish, Scones, Coffee Cakes and Muffins elegantly arranged on a platter $1.50-$2.69 per piece

Hot Tea/Chocolate


5 cup minimum.

Coffee in a Box


Coffee in Urns – 30 cups


Coffee in Urns – 10 cups